Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Grandpa’s Cardigan
Joy Watson

WALT: summarise information

• I can find the main ideas in a text

• I can identify the keywords in a text

• I can use keywords and main ideas to summarise a text

Find three tricky words in the story and find their meaning in the dictionary.

Comfortable - snug satisfied
Expensive - costly requiring much expence
Complain - talks about troubles

Answer the following questions using FULL sentences.

1. Why did Grandma say that Grandpa needed a new cardigan? (pg. 3)
The cardigan had holes in its pockets and the seams have come apart.

2.  Why did Grandma quickly take the cardigan away? (pg. 6).
Grandma took the cardigan away because he might change his mind.

3. What type of cardigan was Grandpa looking for? (pg. 8)
A comfortable grey woollen cardigan that is not to expensive.

4. There was a problem with the second store’s cardigan? What was it? (pg. 14)
The cardigan was tight under his arms and the wool was very prickly.

5. How many stores did Grandpa have to go to till he found the right cardigan?
Grandpa went in 4 shops to find the right cardigan.

6. Why did Grandpa want a new cardigan? (pg. 18)
Grandpa agreed with Grandma that his old cardigan had holes.

7. What did Grandpa’s new cardigan look like? Was he happy with it? (pg. 24-28)
The new cardigan was grey and woollen. He was happy with it.

8. How did the story end?
Grandpa bought a new cardigan but it was his old one and Grandma was very surprised.

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