Wednesday, 20 August 2014

I Read My Book and I Can Answer Some Questions.

At reading time we can read a book with Mrs Kerr and then we can look at the same book on the computer and we can do some activities with the letters and words.  It's called P.M. Readers.

"I can read Clever Fox with Mrs Kerr.  I can play a little game on the computer about the clever fox.  I got 3 right because they are golden dogs.  I got 1 wrong because it is a grey dog.  Next time I will try again and maybe I will get 4 golden dogs.  Then I would feel happy."

Thursday, 14 August 2014

I Used Shapes To Make A Picture Of My House.

I am learning about shapes like the circle, triangle, diamond, rectangle, square, hexagon, octagon, pentagon, cube and the trapezoid.  Trapezoid is a cool word and a cool shape.  I chose some shapes and I cut them out of coloured paper.  I glued them onto my paper to make a picture of my house.  We put them all together on the wall to make our Room 1 community.

"I used some circles, triangles, squares and rectangles to make my picture.  My favourite part is my house because it looks nice on the outside.  My picture looks perfect."

Monday, 11 August 2014

I Can Publish My Best Writing.

Every day I write a story.  I can choose my best story for publishing with Mrs Kerr. Usually my best story goes into my publishing book and I can illustrate it on Friday. Sometimes I write a big, amazing, beautiful,  awesome story.  This story is about a cold, cold day.  I cut out shapes in some paper to make a snowflake.  Now my story and my snowflake are up on the windows in Room 1.  I have seen people reading my story.  That makes me want to do the happy dance!

"I like writing stories about my weekend when I see my cousins.  I can find lots of words by myself.  I can fix my story by myself.  I have to fix the capital letters because sometimes they are in the wrong place.  Then my story looks better."

Friday, 1 August 2014

I Am At PMP.

I go to PMP (Perceptual Motor Programme) with Mrs Murray.  She puts the music on and I do lots of activities. I dance, I hop, I jump, I slide and I freeze.  Sometimes I use equipment and sometimes I do not.  This is called the Dizzy Giddy.  I have to move my body to spin the Dizzy Giddy around.  It feels fast and dizzy.  I love PMP because I can move my body around.