Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Crazy Miss Maisey's alphabet pets.

Crazy Miss Maisey's Alphabet Pets
Janine Scott

WALT: summarise information

• I can find the main ideas in a text

• I can identify the keywords in a text

• I can use keywords and main ideas to summarise a text

What happened in the first 3 chapters that we read as a group?

Miss Maisey was a librarian. She now works in a pet shop but she never lets anyone buy the pets she only lets them borrow the pets. One day a little boy named Billy he wanted a pet but his mum did not like the pets.

Answer the following questions using FULL sentences. Remember to use the book to help you answer the questions.

Write three animals that were not suitable for Billy and his Mum. Why were they not right?

Why was Billy feeling sad? (pg. 24).
Because he was nearly half way throgh the alphabet.

What was wrong with the octopus? (pg. 26).
He kept on throwing balls at the man next door.

What does the author mean when he wrote “There was a porcupine, but everyone  usually returned it the same day. It had a prickly personality!”? (pg. 29).
It was to spikey.

Why was Billy’s mother lying on the couch with a ice-bag on her head and cucumbers on her eyes? (pg. 36).

Because she had enough.

Do you think Billy was happy with his choice of the tadpole at the beginning? (pg. 40).
i think was not happy.

How did the story end?
The tadpole turned into a toad.

What pet would you have chosen if you were Billy?
I will choose a rabbit.

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