Monday, 30 May 2016

The Wonder Tree

imgres-7.jpgThe Wonder Tree
Once upon a time someone worked in the florist she did not have any flowers then one day she asked an old man he gave her a seed has lots of flowers. She grew it so much. On the flower it said"feed me weed me water me well what will I grow to who can tell? So one day a tree came she tried to do something but when she did something she got 100 flowers in her shop she always it they lived happily ever after!
In writing I am learning to use detail to make my story interesting I feel proud because I know how to spell I need to improve on my punctuation.


Ghezal Farhat said...

Great Work Rashha

Bridget Platt said...

Keep working hard to add lots of detail to your stories. Mrs Platt and Mrs Robertson.