Wednesday, 12 October 2016

my e-learning progressions

YEAR 3 & 4

Equipment & Operation

We are learning to:
We will know we have been successful when ...
use camera settings eg macro and zoom
  • we can select the macro setting for close-up photos
  • we can zoom in and out
  • we can use the appropriate setting eg portrait, auto, movie
  • we can frame photos from different perspectives etc snail perspective, giraffe perspective
transfer photos to computer eg iPhoto or Picasa
  • we can transfer photos to a computer
export iPad work
  • we can find the export tab
  • we can select the appropriate file type e.g. email, pdf or jpeg, save etc
  • we can email the file to the appropriate person
be responsible for the safe-keeping of all digital equipment
  • we can put equipment away when not in use
  • use the iPads and laptops on an appropriate surface
  • wear a lanyard when using a camera
  • handle the iPads and laptops carefully

Creating and Presenting

We are learning to:
We will know we have been successful when ...
create documents and presentations in Google Drive
  • we can choose the appropriate document type for our purpose eg document, spreadsheet, presentation
  • we can add an appropriate name
  • we can file documents in the appropriate folder
use a Presentation application
  • we can open and save a keynote
  • we can add text to text box
  • we can add an image
  • we can add new pages
insert text boxes
  • we can find the add text box icon to create it
  • we can position a text box
  • we can add content to a text box
  • we can fill and outline a text box
change page layout
  • we can find and use the page layout tabs
use audio and video recording applications
  • we make sure there is no background noise
  • we speak clearly and with appropriate volume
  • we capture the entire image on the screen
upload video to blogs via Youtube or similar with support
  • we can find the Youtube upload tab
  • we can upload a video to Youtube
  • we can embed the video to our blog using the HTML code
embed content into other locations with support
  • we can find and copy the embed code
  • we can paste embed code in the right place, into our blog, under the HTML tab
create and use simple graphic organisers independently
  • we can create a graphic organiser using apps such as Popplet, Padlet etc
  • we can add details to a graphic organiser
use email
  • we can compose and send an email
  • we can open our inbox and read an email
create, save and publish posts on blogs
  • we give blog posts appropriate titles
  • we can create text content in a blog post
  • we can add an image to a blog post
  • we can upload a movie file into a blog post
  • we remember to add labels to a blog post
  • we can proofread our post before publishing
  • we understand that a published post is visible to the world
  • we can edit both draft and published blog posts
read and comment on blogs and sites independently
  • we can make appropriate comments on blogs and sites
take a screenshot on computer and iPads
  • we can use the shift+command+4 buttons on the computer
  • we can use the home and off buttons on the iPad
use Kid Pix or similar application
  • we can insert images
  • we can add audio content
  • we can embed video content
  • we can create slideshows

Internet Use and Research

We are learning to:
We will know we have been successful when ...
gather information from a variety of sources  
  • we know the difference between blog, site, .com, .org etc
  • we can use the appropriate tool for our research eg search engines, Wikipedia, encyclopedias
find information using search engines
  • we can use a variety of search engines eg Google, KidRex, quinturakids,, etc
  • we can choose the appropriate search engine for our purpose
use Google research tool within Google Drive
  • we can find and use the research tool  
find images specific to our topic independently
  • we can use Google Image search or Creative Commons search to find suitable images

Keyboard and Mouse Skills

We are learning to:
We will know we have been successful when ...
edit text
  • we can use spellcheck, delete, backspace and undo
use formatting and drawing toolbars
  • we can find and use the text colour and highlighting buttons
  • we can find and use the bold, italic and underline buttons
  • we can find and use the text alignment options
  • we can create lists using numbers and bullets
  • we can find and insert shapes
  • we can change page orientation to landscape or portrait
select text
  • we can use the trackpad to highlight, cut, copy and paste
use basic shortcuts
  • we can use command+c to copy
  • we can use command+v to paste
  • we can use command+x to cut
  • we can use command+s to save
  • we can use command+a to select all
  • we can use command+q to quit
  • we can use command+z to undo

Digital Citizenship

We are learning to:
We will know we have been successful when ...
be responsible digital citizens
  • we know who we are talking to online
  • we understand that to be good cyber citizens we must abide by sites’ terms and conditions
follow the school digital citizenship guidelines
  • we keep passwords private
  • we use school ICT equipment appropriately for education purposes
  • we use our Google accounts appropriately
access information without plagiarising
  • we credit ownership to the author
  • we use the Research function (in Google) to cite images and content
  • we use Creative Commons content where possible and credit appropriately
create a positive digital footprint

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